Stryke: Mercenary Camp (StrykeMC) game embedding policy

Embedding Policy

1. Our ads must be shown clearly above the game. These are 728x90 Leaderboard ads.
Any effort to hide or obscure these ads is a direct violation of the embedding policy.

2. StrykeMC must be embed into a web page by using an IFRAME.
A minimum size of 800x697 must be used for IFRAME to leave adequate room for the game and the ad.
In order to embed StrykeMC into your own web page with an IFRAME, you may copy and paste the following HTML code into your web page:

<center><iframe frameborder=0 scrolling=no width=800 height=697
src="" align=top></center>

3. The authorship or origin of StrykeMC must not be falsely represented.

4. Player of StrykeMC are subject to Veraxon Studio (PaidPost Inc) Term of Service and Privacy Policy.
Any content of web page with embed StrykeMC which encourages players to break the Term of Service or Privacy Policy is direct violation of our game embedding policy.

5. StrykeMC is not to appear in pop-up windows or linked to by means that employ pop-up windows.

6. Content of your website must not be offensive, objectionable or racist. Veraxon Studio (PaidPost Inc) must be notified to about your intend to add StrykeMC to your web page.

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